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A white-label PSP; better than building your own solution

What is a white-label PSP?

Put simply, a white-label model is where one company produces an unbranded solution to be offered to customers by another company. The initial solution is free to be branded by the reseller, meaning, their brand becomes associated with the product in question.

A white-label PSP is essentially a full customizable off-the-shelf solution. It will seamlessly support your brand’s logos, fonts, and colors, and no customer is any wiser as to who built the tech. In our case, Paywise operates as the tech provider, equipping you with the latest solutions so that you can offer your merchants the best service.

There’s simply no easier way to expand your service offering without developing your own tech. When you choose a white-label PSP, you are opting not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, strategically focus on your business while Paywise takes care of the rest.

Who should use a white-label PSP?

To make use of a white-label PSP, it is key that banks and other institutions have already acquired licenses with the appropriate regulatory organizations (i.e., payment institutions, e-money, or bank licenses). Like other white-label PSPs, Paywise is simply a tech provider and is not in the money flow.

In other words, we create the tech; you handle the money. That’s why banks and acquirers, PSPs, ISOs & MSPs, and large platforms with licenses all opt for white-label PSPs.

Especially those who want to easily compete with Adyen, Stripe, and Mollie without needing the technical know-how and momentum to get it done internally.

The added bonus of this approach? We do not compete with you for clients because we do not work directly with merchants.

Why choose Paywise as your payment processor?

  • We keep costs as low as possible.

  • We provide multiple payment options to boost your sales.

  • We secure your site against fraud.

Contact Paywise today and let’s have a chat about your e-commerce online payments.


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